At Status Glow, we ignited our journey in 2020 with a mission: to empower you with the freedom to illuminate any space according to your vision. Whether it's adorning your bedroom wall, adding personality to a small office, or serving as captivating centerpieces at special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and brand activations, Status Glow is here to light up your world.

Our reach extends across every corner of Australia, and we're proud to be expanding our operations internationally. We maintain close-knit relationships with our global suppliers, ensuring rigorous quality control and upholding ethical standards in our supply chain.

At Status Glow, our unwavering commitment is to deliver the highest quality neon signs in Australia, all while keeping them affordable. Explore our vibrant collection and stay updated with our latest releases on our active social channel, @statusglow.co.

Our pledge to you is not just about providing a neon sign; it's about curating an experience you'll cherish from the very beginning to the final glow. We're devoted to finding the perfect neon sign that resonates with your heart and soul.

Join us in brightening up spaces and creating lasting memories with Status Glow – where your vision meets our craftsmanship.



At Status Glow, our neon signs are crafted from top-notch neon flex, handily mounted on acrylic boards. Picture this: it's neon, but better! We use silicone piping with LEDs inside, giving you that classic neon vibe while cranking up the durability and keeping your wallet happy.


Our neon sign artisans are all about perfection. They meticulously run through a whopping 68 processes to create neon masterpieces. Then, just to be extra sure, we throw in 13 safety quality tests to ensure your neon art is as pristine as can be. Rest assured, your LED Neon Sign won't come with any unwanted extras like dust, glue, or scratches. They look great, and they're as safe as your grandma's apple pie, perfect for homes and businesses alike.


Guess what? We're bringing the world to your doorstep with FREE Worldwide Express Shipping for your LED Neon Sign purchases. Plus, our neon signs are made from flexible tubing, making them practically indestructible. No more worrying about shipping-induced heartbreak!


Here's the cherry on top: each of our neon signs comes with a 1-year guarantee, and we've got 'em insured during transport. Your sign's in good hands!

Easy to Install:

Installation? Piece of cake! We include an installation kit with every sign. Hang it up in your favorite spot, just like you would with a fancy picture frame, and plug it in. Voilà!

Low Energy Consumption:

Our LED Neon signs aren't just cool to look at; they're eco-friendly too. They gobble up 80% less energy than those old-school neon signs. Enjoy the glow without worrying about a sky-high electric bill for the next 30 years (that's 5 hours a day at full intensity, approximately 50,000 hours)!

Doesn't Get Warm:

Worried about your neon sign doubling as a space heater? Fret not! A whopping 95% of the energy consumed by our LEDs transforms into dazzling light, not heat. Your sign will stay cool as a cucumber.

Dimmable Brightness:

Want to set the mood? With our dimmable signs, you're the boss. Choose just how bright or dim you want your sign to be and create the perfect ambiance. Neon bliss, customized to your vibe!